Home People “You have to do what you love” – Kadda Sheekoff Says

“You have to do what you love” – Kadda Sheekoff Says

‘You have to do what you love’: Kadda Sheekoff

When the Coronavirus pandemic brought the entire world to its knees last year, Haitian socialite Kadda Sheekoff retreated to his country Haiti. The entrepreneur safely returned to his family before Haitian went into a complete lock down and took the opportunity to keep his fans entertained through his Instagram by posting questions and give money or send top-up minutes to whoever answered first.

This is not the first time that the humanitarian has done something for his home. During the pandemic, Kadda Sheekoff also helped Haitian artist and actors. While the lock down and the pandemic has been a learning experience for all, it made Kadda Sheekoff wear the director’s hat on Instagram where he’s telling people to wear mask all the time. “This is not a joke, you guys need to clean Hands and wear the mask,” he shares.

Also on Instagram all Haitian artists were doing a Hand washing challenge where they were showing people how to wash their hands properly.

Haitian socialite, Humanitarian, writer and entrepreneur Kadda Sheekoff. IMAGE: Instagram

Kadda Sheekoff speaks of his story of becoming a successful entrepreneur. To him, it was always about pursuing his passion. The entrepreneur shares his story and talks about following your passion and doing what you love.

“I love helping people specially if I know or if I can see that they really need the help, without hesitation I helped. Sometimes there’s people who created fake account on Instagram just to ask me for help, when I started to asked so many questions they stop texting, but most of the times I try my best to help. You have to do what you love’: Kadda Sheekoff says.


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