Home Politics William Ruto sentiments On Raila confuses his fanatics

William Ruto sentiments On Raila confuses his fanatics

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto

Many political activities have happened this week after just concluded hotly contested By-elections. The newly formed UDA party which the Deputy President subscribes to managed to get a county assembly seat in Nakuru. Rifts continue to widen in the Ruling party. Top on the Agenda is a scheme to oust Ruto from the position of the Deputy Party Leader. The plans were seized to give way for the burial of Tanzanian President the Late Dr. John Pombe Magufuli.

During an interview in a Radio Station on 25th March 2021, the Deputy President categorically stated that he can work with Raila Odinga again. Ruto said that the former Premier agrees with his manifesto and believes that economy should be improved from bottom top approach.
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Sometimes back, Raila’s brother Dr. Obura Odinga uttered the same sentiments of the chemistry between his brother and the Deputy President. He said 2022 elections can attract Ruto and Raila on the joint ticket. Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga have in the past worked together way back in 2007 in the ODM party.

“Anybody who wants to join us to fight poverty and other things that ail the country is welcome,” the Dp alluded. According to him Raila agrees with all that. “We have our plans, if he believes in us, we will agree and work together,” the Deputy President added.
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It’s now tricky for President Uhuru to make a choice of his successor. He has no option but choose between Raila Odinga and his Deputy as his successor. If the two will be left out then its clear they will form a formidable coalition. One must be chosen by the President or else his other choice will flop on the ballot.

Sources reveal that the President’s close associates are reportedly pushing for a Musalia Mudavadi presidency. Though no one has come out publicly to allude the same. Mudavadi is the best bet for Kenyans but will they jump out tribal baskets to vote him? Without the blessings of ODM party leader then his dreams of leading this country will remain a mirage.
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