FORD Kenya Party leader Hon. Moses Wetanguala and Dp William Ruto

I was a darling of the Bungoma Senator WETANGULA for a long period of time since they founded CORD, which later rebranded to NASA under the helm of Raila Odinga. However, my grouse with WETANGULA began when he crossed the red line several times. WETANGULA din his heyday in CORD and NASA had touched many hearts across the nation and many said his star had begun shining brighter. His followers, mostly from Bungoma felt so proud to have such a leader on the national political rostrum. WETANGULA was becoming a third political force in the country (especially as the political honcho of Bungoma and to some extent Tranzoia).

However, as the situation stands now, it appears very difficult for WETANGULA to lead a third political force in Kenya. To begin with, his support across Bungoma county is dwindling at an alarming rate. He may actually not even win the senatorial race of Bungoma if the situation continues as it is at the moment.

WETANGULA has happened to cross the red line often willingly, thinking that he is asserting his political masculinity. His first mistake was when he publicly threw tantrums at the former premier Raila Odinga regarding the famous handshake — (between UHURU and RAILA) that has rendered several political leaders useless.

Wetangula has really crossed the red line because he’s trying to put himself at the helm of a recovery process (a process to denigrate the famous handshake). He kind of hijacked the recovery process, in decision, and I see that he is one of the least worthy leaders to lead that kind of process.

WETANGULA again erred terribly when he declared publicly support for the DP William Ruto — a man who is not readily welcome in the Western region of Kenya. Society saw in WETANGULA, a man intent on reviving himself but in the wrong way. Though the senator distanced himself from the Deputy President, his number one foot soldier, Bony Khalwale is running on hatchet mission of an inept hustler to promote the Deputy President in the Western region — a move that has been seen by political insiders as an indirect way of WETANGULA warning up to DP William Ruto. Again, WETANGULA appears not to sleep easy there in RUTO’s camp bearing in mind that his erstwhile political nemesis Ken Lusaka is also a member of the DP’s camp.

One therefore remains quipping; is WETANGULA on a guesswork exercise after the public spat with Raila — though Raila appears not to have any strong bad feelings against the senator? Is the senator clutching on straws after making a terrible mistake in his history of politics? Does the senator have any political stamina to retain his seat as the senator in case he runs again?…………Political analyst–  iLantyre


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