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Why Luhya Ladies are first choice for Kenyan Men


I doubt if we have a man on this planet who wishes to get into a disturbing relationship or marriage with constant squabbles and disagreements. Every Man wishes to get a lady whom they will raise beautiful children together and live a happy life.
Unfortunately, this is not the case always. The dreams to have lovely marriages have been shuttered in many cases. We have witnessed many couples cheating on each other, young marriages coming to premature end, divorce cases increasing annually and worse enough murder cases witnessed.

Some relationships and marriage has been affected not because of the character of the couples but their family members. Thus the members of the immediate family play a key role in any marriage to prosper. In this case a lady’s character in balancing the attention between the two parties is vital to keep the relationship on the right track. The luhya ladies come out as the best in dealing with the marriage challenges in Kenya.

Men are the simplest creatures to handle. If a lady wishes to make a husband fall in love and settle it at that gear, she must understand the right buttons to click and what makes a man “a man”. This is what most luhya ladies thrive on to keep their men in marriages.

Below are the qualities of luhya ladies that make them admirable across the nation.

Adaptive character.
Luhya ladies are by no doubt ranked as the most sought after by men both locally and internationally when it comes to marriage. This is due to their sternness and modesty character. They have an overwhelming ability to withstand hardships and will always support their husbands in raising up a family. Unlike other tribes, a lady will run away and run very fast if the husband unfortunately loses a job. That’s not the case with Luhya ladies; on the contrary they will offer their unconditional support to lift up their loved ones once again.
They are versatile, creative and flexible with energy to run almost anything you can name, ranging from managing households, entrepreneurship, politics and government among others.
Physique and body shape.
The ladies in luhya land possess a full-package shape with exotic legs admirable by many. The big and curvy hips can only be compared to luos but by all standards they are best. Majority are dark skinned, well-oiled and radiant. Their hands are well structured for any physical task; muscular, big with soft touch.
Bedroom bullies
They say once you get one, there is no turning back. No wonder many Kenyan men will always go for these “love machines” whenever they want to appease their “bedroom dehydration.” They are explosive, charming and always ready to satisfy their partners.

Ladies who shout at their fiancé, order him around and disgrace him in public because she has a masters degree or overachieved won’t survive for long in marriage. Respect is the food of every man. Luhyas ladies respect their men and humbles to them irrespective of their social-economical positions.
God states it clearly, “wives, submit to your husbands.” Submit your body and other things when he needs them. If you have any trouble with that, ask God, not me. Luhya ladies will welcome their husbands in the house, remove their coat and shoes, wipe them and put on the shoe rack. They are the first to wake up and prepare breakfast, attire and make sure their men are neat before leaving their houses.

Robert Kerre.

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