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Why is this Man feared in Bungoma County corridors of power?


In the year 2013, very few individuals had known the current Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati. Most people would recall the father whos a veteran politician since Moi era. Slowly the commonly known now as WWW started making inroads in across Bungoma county thanks to his Deputy  professor Ngome Kibanani. The proactive Professor would consolidate opinion leaders, pastors and Boda Boda leadership to sale WWW agenda.

The momentum increased after having successful soccer tournaments in December 2014 and 2015. The Governors waves could be located even with the remotest antenna in the villages something the then incumbent wished away as a mere joke. The rest is now history as one say.

Seemingly the current Bungoma administration is keen not to make mistakes as the predecessor. Some political analysts says the tactics the Wangamati regime is using to counter the political nemesis will have ripple effect come 2022. The most disturbing character now is Zack Siuma Barasa who is moving day in day out across the county to do projects both economic and social.

Zack Siuma is now a household name in the governor circle. He gentleman has held tournaments, build roads in Tongaren and Bumula constituencies, constructed dispensaries among other activities. Sources from the Bungoma administration reveal that the man is being monitored and whatever he does in countered at the earliest point possible to avoid more damage. This was evident when the agriculture CECM Makanda Wakoli verbally attacked the soft spoken Zack in Catholic Church in Kimilili constituency.

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati

The Bungoma CEO’s rating has gone down currently and that makes the best opportunity for his opponents to utilize the chance and impact their agenda on the disgruntled voters. Zack is using all the available arsenals to achieve his goal by digging holes on Wangamati’s 2017 manifesto that’s yet to jumpstart implementing.

Surprisingly, Zack has not only rattled the current administration but also the senate speaker’s cage. The speaker has been forced to talk straight on his achievements as the first governor in Bungoma during an interview in a local radio station a couple days ago. He’s keen to consolidate and keep his constituency of voters in preparation for 2022 elections. He fears if by any circumstance he can delay and loose to the newcomer in the race.


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