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Why “Boss William” is missing during Citizen TV’s program Maria

Boss William and his daughter

The TV presenter Lulu Hassan’s play “Maria” has lately hit the waves in Kenyans screens on Citizen TV every evening. The play which portrays both the suburb and slum setting has set a critical stage in Kenyan film industry. It’s now few months since it was initiated but every household cannot afford to miss the episodes. The actors and actresses have grown in acting with time and becoming more creative.

The notable main characters Lui (Brian Ogana) and Maria (Yasmin Said) have emerged as the best characters thus pooling a large fan base in kenya. The determination has put in the production is the key for their success. Brain who hails from western Kenya has created a proper chemistry with his counterpart actress Said to bring up an admiring film which make viewers feel it’s real life.

Mr. Dennis Musyoka aka Boss William or Boss Mkubwa was a fan of majorly the old age. He exhibited the father figure especially handling day to day challenges in his family. Most parents could learn from firmness at same time love to his children. Unfortunately hes no longer present on our screens. Most fans have been inquiring on his whereabouts.

Mr. Musyoka (Boss William) is said to have secured a lucrative job in the coast away from Nairobi where all actions are done. This has made it impossible for him to be available for recording. Sources close to the family indicate that the gentleman will be back on the screens soon after his transfer from Mombasa to Nairobi has gone through.


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