Home Entertainment Who should be morally responsible between Akothee and corrupt Kenyan leaders?.. Anonymous

Who should be morally responsible between Akothee and corrupt Kenyan leaders?.. Anonymous


Akothee hilarious dance angers the film and media regulator boss.

The famous and richest female artist in east Africa Akothee has crossed a red line again according to the film regulator Mr. Ezekiel Mutua. Mutua was angered by the at least latest dance in a local club where she exposed her ass to the roaring fans.

Mr. Mutua claimed that, the artist was out of order to have danced almost naked terming it immoral and not good enough for children consumption. “As an institution we are not going to relent on war against immoral behaviors that can undermine the moral fabric of our society at large” he said. He proceeded to pronounce that what occurred what wrong uncalled for and has no place in modern society. So far there’s no response from neither Akothee nor her manager.

In swift rejoinder, Kenyans on social media lashed at the media and film regulator terming it too little and misplaced. Majority of Kenyans on social media condemned Mr. Mutua stating that he’s the main architect of immorality in our society by working for a government that doesn’t recognize moral values.

Notably was AB Murage who stated that, and I quote “Tell Ezekiel Mutua to shut up! They steal everyday from poor Kenyans by greedily stealing the proceeds of corruption and eat with their children at dinner table without shame. They lie at every podium and their unsuspecting followers believe in them. They grab land, kills innocent souls like baby pendo. Is that being good moral examples to our children? The people Mutua works for has raped every single letter in the word “ETHICS”. Do they pay Akothee to be a role model to the children? Let government officers be role models first then ask others to follow. End of quote.

The nation anthem has been set aside by the very leaders who proclaim morality in public. No need of struggling to follow the constitution and yet the three paragraphs of the national anthem has been a tall order to adhere to.

Who bewitched Kenyan leaders?


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