Home Politics WEBUYE EAST: CS Eugine’s Wamalwa’s preferred candidate endorsement hits a snag.

WEBUYE EAST: CS Eugine’s Wamalwa’s preferred candidate endorsement hits a snag.

Cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa

The journey to succeed Hon. Alfred Sambu in Webuye east has intensified as contestants jostle for vehicles to use in august. More than seven aspirants have shown interest in the region which has more than 30,000 voters. Hon. Sambu was elected in 2007 under ODM ticket thrashing his counterpart Musikari Kombo with landslide win. Since then he has been recapturing the seat easily in whichever party he has been. Currently the legislator is in ANC.

Dr. Wanjala Iyaya. DAP aspirant in Webuye East

FORD Kenya Divorce
After the political nemesis in FORD Kenya parted ways, Hon. Wafula Wamunyinyi and his barricade took the exit route. They formed DAP Kenya Party that’s jostling to outsmart the mother party in most parts in western. In Webuye East, Ms. Caroline Buyela was positioning herself in DAP Kenya Party with the blessings of the Bungoma Governor Hon. Wycliffe Wangamati. But Cs Eugine Wamalwa had different opinion altogether. He attempted to bring in Dr. Wanjala Iyaya but realized he was unsalable. Then he went for his personal assistant Mr. Kizito Temba as Dr. Iyaya stayed put in Deputy President’s party UDA.
Webuye East Mp Hon. Alfred Sambu

Dr. Iyaya makes an about turn
The Cabinet Secretary for Defence was advised again by “Avangachi” elders in Tachoni community to pick Dr. Iyaya and seek blessings from the current MP Hon. Alfred Sambu. “We told the Cabinet secretary to give another chance to Dr. Iyaya and get the support of Sambu. Because without Hon. Sambu’s blessings, our candidate cannot and will not manage the upcoming youthful candidates”. An elder said why seeking anonymity. Dr. Iyaya who has been in Jubilee party joined UDA in 2019 then jumped ship to DAP last year briefly. Early this year, he rejoined UDA but he didn’t last for long till rejoined DAP Kenya again last week.
Hon. Martin Pepela Wanyonyi MCA Ndivisi Ward. Mp aspirant webuye East on FORD Kenya Ticket

On Friday 25th February 2022, a family member from Hon. Alfred Sambu’s family has revealed that the CS for Defence requested to pay the current MP a visit something that was agreed upon. On arrival the CS was accompanied by Dr. Wanjala Iyaya with a simple reason of meeting the Webuye East MP and seeking for forgiveness. Our sources reveal that the Old man dismissed the move and even refused to endorse the lecturer of Mathematics. The desperate CS made the lecturer to kneel for the Old man if that could necessitate forgiveness but the Old man dismissed him terming it blasphemy. Hon. Sambu according to sources, refused to even sit closer to the duo and even taking a photo shoot.

Ms Caroline Buyela Mp aspirant

Back to the drawing board.
It’s revealed that the Hon. Eugine Wamalwa was disappointed and tasked Dr. Iyaya to consolidate the support of elders from all the Tachoni clans that will form a delegation to Kileleshwa in Nairobi to try and convince Hon. Sambu to change his mind. If the situation remains constant the Hon. Wamalwa’s project might seek election as independent candidate now that UDA doors are closed. The Cs is likely to reignite his earlier thought of having Mr. Temba Kizito on the Ballot.
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William Ruto zeros down to two men for running mate position.
Ndivisi ward MCA who’s the frontrunner to inherit the seat from Hon. Sambu, is vying on FORD Kenya ticket. Other contestants are Mr. Evans Murumba and Businessman Noah chiuli both seeking the position on ODM ticket. Noah Chiuli who has positively marketed himself in the past is poised to win ODM nominations. Then the former Bungoma county employee Ms. Caroline Buyela is likely to contest as independent candidate. What’s the interest of Hon. Eugine Wamalwa in Webuye east? And who will Hon. Alfred Sambu endorse? The answers will be gotten in due time. It seems it will be like in the Holy Book 1st Samuel 16: 1- onwards, the story of how King David was anointed.


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