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 Webuye East CDF sports Fund only seen in the clouds year in year out.

Webuye East Mp Hon. Alfred Sambu

The cosmopolitan constituency with the majority residents from Tachoni sub-tribe boasts a huge talent in sports especially soccer. The majority gifted young men and women have seen their talents aborted on the way before delivery. This is due either complete lack of facilities or inadequate to say the least. Most youth who are not well endowed in academics but good in sports give up on the way because of complete lack of framework to empower them in their line of interest. This is too devastating to the communities and other sports stakeholders in Webuye constituency.

NG-CDF committee led by the chairman Mr. Enos Holi has given residents a blind eye in matters sports. The committee comprises of among other members include; Lincoln Barasa, Martin Namawanga and the treasurer Carolyne Wanyonyi. The individuals mentioned are the reason the sports fund cannot be felt on the ground for around ten years now. The last time the sports fund was utilized was way back in 2008 where only 30% of the fund was used. The dark ten years in sports fraternity has seen money meant for the noble course squandered by few individuals.

Serious allegations of fraud and forgery has seen the sh. 500,000 per year lost. The total amount of money lost since 2008 accumulatively is sh. 5M. This is not pocket change, the scenario on the ground could have been better if it was utilized well. We could have seen metal goalposts in all fields and other essential facilities across the constituency.

The Webuye East Mp Mr. Alfred Wekesa who’s a nonstarter at the moment should be informed that the budgets are made and proposals funded to account for sh. 500,000 every year. Then the loot is shared amongst the CDF committee members led by the chairman. The women representative who’s also a treasurer is said to be responsible for making proposals on behalf of the other officials to facilitate the release of sports fund which is then shared.

Who will save the youth of Webuye east residents?

The sports family is calling upon the EACC and DCI to conduct a thorough investigation on the specifically sh. 500,000 meant for sports and those culpable to face the full force of the law. The area Mp should wake up from snoring to address the matter urgently. Now that his past track record in sports before he become the Mp is great, we expect him to demand answers and lead the rest in addressing this matter.  At the moment the youth are left in the hands of well-wishers to fund holiday tournaments when there are agencies with funds for the same.


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