Home Education We won’t admit you…Starehe boys principal.

We won’t admit you…Starehe boys principal.


The desperate boy from Isiolo is banking on the ministry of education to rescue him from the Starehe boys’ administration. The school is adamant cannot admit the poor boy with the main reason the parent was rude. The two spend the whole day in school putting pressure on the administration to allow the boy in school but all was in vain.

The student was picked through NEMIS which complicates the matter further on the side of the administration that is still adamant claiming the government doesn’t have final say on the issue of admission. “The ministry of education only “recommends” admission but doesn’t have powers to impose to the schools”, the principal replied.

The school further claimed that the parent behaved inappropriately that’s not the ideal and principles of starehe boys centre. In addition to that the school administration claimed the boy wasn’t needy to get a chance at starehe boys centre.

Let us see how the matter unveils as the admission deadline approaches.  The Cs for education has a chance to make a decision as fast as possible. The uproar from the social media and human rights activists won’t just stop until the boy is admitted at the school.


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