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Warning from the senator for those who will not vote for Dp Ruto


The political heat is gearing up in the country despite the fact that elections are three years away to be held. Factions have emerged like “tangatanga”, “kieleweke”, “inua mama” and embrace. The call by the president to put politicking to closure and focus on development has not been embraced so far. To complicate matters further is the referendum call by “punguza mzigo” led by Ekuru Aukot.

The journey to statehouse by the Dp William Ruto has gotten support and opposition by equal measure atleast for now. Notably, the most vocal politicians in support of the Dp are those from the North Rift led by Nandi senator Samson Kiprotich Cherargei. The legislator has been vocal both in rallies and mainstream media.

Nandi senator was arrested last week for questioning by the DCI officers basing on the remarks he made in a public rally. “We will deal with you if you don’t vote for Dp William Ruto in 2022 presidential elections”, he said. “Those people should know that the deputy president has followers”, he further stated. Kenyans are still wondering what the senator meant by insisting he will deal with those who won’t support the Dp in 2022. Such statements worries Kenyans who believe it amounts to hate speech, now that the 2007/2008 memories of post-election violence still fresh in most of the citizens.

In a rejoinder on the “punchline” program on K24 TV, the Mp Millie Odhaimbo said that the senator’s statement was unfortunate and uncalled for. “personally I will not vote for Ruto, am calling upon Cherargei to deal with me first”, she said. Kenyans are eagerly waiting for the results of the investigation.


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