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WANGAMATI: The Governor seeks refuge from the Propaganda team.

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati

Defending Bungoma county development record is proving to be very difficult for the executive and that was evident when the deputy governor and CECM for Agriculture and health were hosted on a local radio station on different occasions.

The past one year, it’s alleged the executive was being controlled by cartels supported by the governor himself. Jobs allocation and tenders just to mention a few was not based on merit but whom do you know. Majority of CECM are just back benchers thus sidelined on the major deals within their dockets. Three noted moribund executive members are Collins Mukhongo, Mathews Makanda and Antony Walela.

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula in a past event.

At one point agitated Kimilili constituency lawmaker, Mr. Didmas Barasa was adamant that the Bungoma governor should go home before 2022 general elections. The Mp said that he will rally all Mps within the county 039 to fast track the process of impeaching the governor. The Mp’s sentiments have ignited the County Assembly to remove the Proponents of the Governor from the house leadership. This paves way for the impeachment of the Governor.
CECM ROADS Collins Mukhongo
Mathews Makanda agriculture Cecm

Recently the Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula called upon the EACC and DCI to investigate the Governor for misappropriation of funds meant to counter the spread of COVID-19. The famous called Mitungi scandal. Over sh. 10m were lost where county officials led by special programs advisor Ms. Carolyne Buyela were allegedly involved. The KCB bank manager Bungoma branch was sacked last week for allowing the fraud.

The onslaught on the Governor seemingly won’t cease easily: from the county assembly, the general public and social media all over nation. Most opponents demand that the county CEO takes full responsibility for the fraud in the county.

On the other hand the Governor has taken the approach of playing victim in the public domain. He has taken war to senator Wetangula’s doorstep and the County Assembly. He has been advised to play a “kibwana game” in Makueni. He wants the residents to believe that the non-performance is due to political interference from the senator and the county Assembly.

Communication Director Tim Machi

The Prado saga
The fabricated allegation that the senator was demanding a Prado to silence him is evident about the strategies. This was to portray Mr. Wetangula as the self-seeker who has put the governor at ransom. To make the public believe he is the cause of corruption in the county.
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Unfortunately, the choreographed Prado issue didn’t work as expected. They went on use two CECMs that are Dr. Antony Walela and Mathiews Makanda to allege that the Governor is contemplating dissolving the county due to political interference. This was meant to hoodwink the public to acknowledge the fact that the Governor is just the victim and he means good to them. They posted on their facebook handles to test the reactions of the republic but unfortunately it backfired again. The aim was to have the discussion last for sometime so that it sinks to make which in turn creates sympathy to the Governor against the perceived oppressors.

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The paid Propaganda team.
The counter the social media rants, the communication team led by Tim Machi has set up a team to spread Propaganda and ridicule anyone who opposes their boss. They are spread all over the county. Some from this group cannot withstand the social media vibes do physically assault the Governor’s criticizers. Tim Machi( Carol Barasa) constantly sets agenda for this group occasionally to spread it out to many forums as possible. The group comprises of 40 individuals who receives sh. 1000 per week to propagate the agenda.
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Ground things are different.
Our colleagues crisscrossed the county in the past one week to collect views from the residents and the response was disastrous for the current regime. Only two out 20 respondents supports the current county government. That means as much as the propaganda team is trying to counter the elite, they have completed forgotten the majority voters. Heavy levies on Mama mboga, Bodaboda, barber shops and other small businesses, have impacted negatively on this regime. Poor roads, NIHF promise, inadequate medical facilities and youth unemployment are some of the challenges that might send him home. He might be Protected on social media but totally naked on the ground.

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