Home Politics Wangamati: From Mitungis now heads to Wekelekha for Masks.

Wangamati: From Mitungis now heads to Wekelekha for Masks.


Post Corona scenario will be a toll order for most governors to account for the expenditure. It’s not unique in Bungoma county starting from the Jerricans and Gloves where millions were lost as alleged earlier. If the Governor is not careful the procurement procedures will lead him to corridors of justice after the pandemic. MCAs are not involved at all in budgeting processes. The single sourcing of Wekelekha VTC to make face masks might have been done without following the laid down procurement procedures. Where is the problem really?

The only way for Bungoma County Government had to support Wekelekha VTC is to provide funds through a Supplementary Budget. However, Governor Wycliffe Wangamati is unwilling to submit a supplementary Budget to the Bungoma County Assembly. WWW would rather spend public money without the requisite Appropriation by the Bungoma County Assembly.

Wekelekha VTC is producing less than 5,000 face-masks on a weekly basis. This is a far cry from the 10,000 the Governor promised. Despite receiving advice from the weak-kneed and hapless employees at the procurement Department on the legal and procedural lapses, the Governor has threatened the said employees to award the lucrative tender to Wekelekha VTC or face unspecified consequences. Of course we know how some County employees were transferred from Headquarters to fur flank areas in Bungoma County for being obstacles to embezzlement of public funds. But what should even worry the public is that previously WWWW and his handlers used VTCs to enrich themselves. Funds meant for VTCs have previously been stolen and Managers of VTCs forced to append their signatures on forms admitting to have received the said funds. From the foregoing, it clear that WWWW is least interested in building the capacity of Wekelekha VCT, the driving motivation is to use it (Wekelekha VTC) as a conduit to again make millions of money from public coffers in the name of fighting Covid 19. So far we have not been informed the cost of mask from Wekelekha VTC. The Bungoma county system is still opaque to the concerns raised. Stay tuned for more information and Viewpoints in respect to this scandal in the making.


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