Home Politics Wangamati forcefully locks residents of two sub-counties at their homes.

Wangamati forcefully locks residents of two sub-counties at their homes.

wangamati bungoma county
Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati

Bungoma Governor blames MCA and Sugar factory for poor roads in the County. Wangamati decided to ignore two subcounties in terms of construction of road networks. Unlike during the predecessor currently the speaker of the senate, the county has seen the poorest roads since devolution was enacted in our laws.

The county CEO has been consistently blamed the heavy down pour that hinders repair of the roads. But today when he visited Webuye east, he shifted blame to the area MCA Hon. Martin Pepela Wanyonyi and the west Kenya sugar factory. Speaking to uninformed crowd, the governor blatantly told them that the sugar factory is mandated to construct roads. Thus the MCA ought to push for the same according to the Bungoma Governor’s sentiments. “Hii kampuni ya sukari imezembea kutengeneza barabara na MCA wenu amekataa kuwasurutisha”, the Governor said.

Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi and Ndivisi Ward MCA Hon. Martin Wanyonyi Pepela..

Residents of both Webuye east and Tongaren sub-counties who don’t reside along the Webuye-Kitale highway have forced to stay at home. The county government has imposed mandatory quarantine to residents of poor sub-counties not to exit. The county government is determined to make sure that the residents of the said region stay intact indoors. The roads are completely impassable and even sick people with serious ailments are being ferried using wheelbarrows. It’s a sad state for the county government under the leadership of Governor Wangamati to ignore the cries of residents since March this year.

Sugar factories do pay levies to the county government that’s meant for road maintenance. It’s unfortunate for the county CEO to blame a single sugar factory blackmailing them in public when he understands clearly that the road projects are solely within his mandate. “How can a Governor blame the sugar mill and MCA for poor roads?” Mr. Mark Sichangi Ndivisi ward resident uttered. “Am astonished at the desperation level of the Governor to the extent of blaming MCA for poor infrastructure”, he added.
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Bungoma has the poorest state of roads in the entire western region. Vihiga, Kisumu, Busia, siaya and Kakamega has better roads despite the heavy rains. Kakamega Governor has spearheaded the construction of over 159km of tarmac in just two years. Tranzoia under Governor Khaemba is at the same level with Bungoma with very poor roads in Kenya.
Residents of Bungoma County are regretting for having voted in Governor Wycliffe Wangamati. The Governor has been in the headlines for wrong reasons. Hon. Lusaka who’s planning for a comeback might go through easily basing on the opinion polls carried out. More than 80% of residents will not vote the governor back. Though parameters do change in politics, it’s evident that the ship has already left at the dock and no turning back.
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