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Wangamati and his team raising funds through tenders to finance the 2022 campaigns


County executives are raising funds for 2022 through road contracts and other major contracts like stadium uplift. The governor has often told residents of Bungoma that he struggled in 2017 as an outside with no money but in 2022 he will have enough LIMOTOLE to sway the voters. His monthly income is hardly sh.1m: the question remains how he will manage to get the resources to achieve as he stated.

Zacharia Barasa, a businessman from Bungoma County alluded that the chief funds mobilizer is the CEC for roads Mr. Collins Mukhongo. “He is one of the most corrupt CEC and has specific mandate to ensure all Bills of quantities are exaggerated to leave margin for kickbacks sometimes up to 80% in order to raise funds for 2022 campaign”, the businessman stated on his social media handle. “He has specific mandate to ensure that all companies that win tenders must be from the inner circles of Wangamati nobody from outside can win any tender. He ensured the dual carriageway tender goes to proxy Chinese company where they will make cool ksh 700 million”, he emphasized.
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According to Barasa, the tenders awarded in March, 2020 were in contravention of the law but the executive were determined to award companies they have control over.
The tenders were advertised when there was no budget for it and were placed in this year’s budget .The following 4 exclusive companies with links at the county were awarded contracts.

To the shock of the executive the assembly reallocated the ksh 140 million meant for those companies to COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT FUND. This has triggered the call for recalls of MCAs in bid to arm twist them. Sources reveal that several MCAs who are opposed to Bungoma Governor will face a sponsored recall motion top on the list is Mihuu Ward MCA Ms. Violet Makhanu.
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