Home Politics VIHIGA COUNTY WOMEN REP: The Latest Opinion Poll will surprise you.

VIHIGA COUNTY WOMEN REP: The Latest Opinion Poll will surprise you.

Hon. Afandi B. Lukalo in a Past function during Youth empowerment program in Vihiga county.

The race to join the August house is gearing up each and every day in Vihiga County. The position of women Representative has attracted several candidates ready to lock horns with the incumbent Hon. Beatrice Adagala. In politics it’s said that if the race attracts many contestants: that means the incumbent is incompetent or has lost touch with the electorates. In this scenario, about seven contestants have declared interest so far.
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Latest Opinion Poll on Vihiga Women Rep. Position.

Opinion Poll
The latest poll contacted on social media recently, received 634 responses spread across the five sub -counties if vihiga. According to the sample size of the polls against a population of over 400,000 voters, it’s evident that most residents are not conversant with the new entrants in the race. That’s the reason behind the small numbers. Again it’s the reason behind the incumbent leading as per today though the chances are dwindling as time goes by.
SAIDE Community Library at Chavakali.

Hon. Afandi B. Lukalo
The new entrant seemingly has hit the ground and she’s getting an edge over the rest because of her past record in terms of community work. Hon. Afandi Lukalo is well known in the world of education for decades now. She was recognized and applauded in 2011 when she opened a Saide Community Library at Chavakali in 2011. The library has helped many youths around to date. According to sources close to her, it’s revealed that she will be vying for the position with the main agenda of helping the vulnerable communities in education and other social affairs. With wide network around the globe, she’s poised to bring empowerment locally.
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The race will continue to shape up especially after nominations. The other contestants include; Ms. Winnie Majani, Mary Amalemba, Jackline Mwenesi , Ruth Bukachi and Bagada Violet. Some are currently serving as Nominated MCAs. Apart from Ms. Afandi Lukalo, the rest are yet to bring forward their intention and agenda, including the incumbent. August 2022 is likely a two horse race.
Vihiga County Women Rep. Hon. Beatrice Adagala

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