Home Politics Vihiga County FKF Women Representative distances herself from Sabatia Politics

Vihiga County FKF Women Representative distances herself from Sabatia Politics

Ms. Sharon Vulimu Vihiga FKF Women Rep. and a teacher at Madira Girls High School.

The Current Sabatia Member of parliament for Sabatia is Hon. Masadia Alfred Agoi who’s warming up for the governorship seat. The Mp joined the National Assembly in 2013 and he’s now serving his second term. With his probable exit, the race to inherit the seat has geared up already with Kessha National Chairman Mr. Kahi Indimuli and Mr. Maclean Sloya being the frontrunners.

Sabatia member of parliament Hon. Alfred Agoi

Both Kahi and Sloya have employed different strategies to appeal to the electorate. The KESSHA National Chairman has been traversing the subcounty attending many functions. He also sponsored a soccer tournament that boosted his popularity amongst the sports enthusiasts and youth. Most members of the public within that locality still view him as too official to resonate with the common man.
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On the other hand Maclean Sloya has embarked on grassroot tack ticks. He moves and meets small groups of people and also along way helping the less fortunate in different ways. He has supported many young people from humble backgrounds with bursaries both in high school and colleges. The whole of last year, Mr. Sloya constructed semi-permanent structures for needy families who had a challenge for shelter. He has also popularized himself by helping the Bodaboda industry by boosting their savings kitty and sometimes surprising them with fuel. Almost all residents have heard of him but very few have seen him.
Mr. Maclean Sloya an Aspirant for Sabatia constituency MP seat

Ms Sharon Vulimu, Vihiga FKF women Representative is alleged to have shifted allegiance from supporting Mr. Kahi Indimuli and now backs Mr. Sloya. Speaking on a local Radio station, Ms. Vulimu was asked why she has shifted support yet she just helped Mr. Kahi throughout the just concluded Kahi Tournament. “I know Mr. Kahi, he’s a good friend of mine and we have worked together very well,” She said. “On the other hand have heard of Mr. Sloya but I don’t know him on personal level but information coming from villages in sabatia informs you that he’s also a good person who can steer development in sabatia to the next level,” she uttered. “Both are great individuals but it’s too early in the day to make a decision on whom to support and as an FKF official I shouldn’t be partisan but work with whoever brings an agenda to support the young men and women of Sabatia in sporting world,” she emphasized. She called upon all leaders to support both academics and talent amongst youth. She said that soccer ladies’ teams in Sabatia will not participate in county league because of lack of registration fees.
KESSHA National Chairman Mr. Kahi Indimuli

Ms. Vulimu commands a lot of respect from the youth and sports fraternity. She was elected FKF women representative unopposed. Obviously she will have a say in the upcoming elections not only in Sabatia but also at the county level. 2022 politics has taken the center stage in all counties in Kenya but Sabatia is proving to be hotly contested. Currently Mr. Maclean Sloya is viewed as a people’s choice unlike his opponent Mr. Indimuli who’s regarded as a boardroom candidate.
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