Home Politics Uproar after Omboko Milemba’s low ranking.

Uproar after Omboko Milemba’s low ranking.

Hon. Omboko Milemba, Mp Emuhaya Constituency

Last week a list was trending on social media with performance index of Members of Parliament. The Westlands Mp Hon. Tim Wanyonyi was ranked the best performing legislator in the current Parliament. The Rarieda Mp Hon. Otiende Amollo was ranked second as Hon. Mishra Swarup placed at third position. Most Netizens agree with the ranking especially the first three positions. Education Effect Africa was supposedly the firm behind the report but so far they have denied their involvement.

KUPPET Chairman Mr. Omboko Milemba in a past event.

On the other hand, there was uproar among the residents of Vihiga County disregarding the report as false and not based on facts on the ground. “Omboko is the best Mp in Vihiga County so far since independence. How can someone rank him position 237 countywide?” Nickson Okwemba an opinion leader was quoted. According to residents we interviewed, they termed the report as untrue and malicious, aimed to malign the Emuhaya legislator. On a local social media page, no single individual approved the ranking.

Hon. Jeremiah Omboko Milemba is the first time Mp who took over from a development oriented Hon. Otichillo: now the Governor of Vihiga County. He’s now the face of ANC party in Vihiga County. At the beginning, residents were not sure if the current National KUPPET chairman could fit in the shoes of the predecessor. But for just three years now, the Unionist has come out strongly to outdo everyone else including the predecessor. Hon. Omboko is not only a darling to his constituents but also the neighboring Subcounties in the entire Vihiga County because of what he has done so far.

Being a teacher by profession, he has invested heavily in education sector by coming up with infrastructural projects in almost all institutions. He has come up with dream school known as Bunyore Boys that recently received the first Principal from Teachers Service Commission. Picking from where Hon. Otichillo left in terms Promoting schools with digital equipment, the legislator has given out computers to many schools within his region. He has consistently sponsored Subcounty exams to boost standards of evaluation in schools. By offering partial and full scholarships to many learners from humble backgrounds, the Mp wishes that all young people access education.
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Together with the NG, the KUPPET National Chairman has developed the best road network within the region. He has also invested in security by decentralizing police stations. Police posts have been set up across the constituency.
Sporting activities have not been left behind. Youth are able to compete in soccer every year in CDF tournament. All teams do benefit from training materials. The Mp has set a record by constructing metal goal posts on all playable fields within the constituency. The youth in fine and creative arts have also gotten a chance to advance their gifts to greater levels through support from the CDF kitty.
KUPPET national chairman MP Hon. Omboko Milemba and the secretary general Akello Misori

The coming election in 2022 is likely not to be competitive because very few individuals will be bold enough to face Hon. Omboko Milemba. His development record will be his campaign tool. So far no one has shown interest to join the race. If the parameters remain constant in the next two years, then the incumbent might go through unopposed. Therefore the ranking is by far not factual at all.
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