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Uhuru kenyattas surprise 2022 bet will surprise you.


Kenyans are eager to know whom Uhuru will endorse as the successor in 2022 during presidential elections. The political waters are becoming dirty each and every passing day with clear lines being drawn. But political pundits like Prof. Manyora down plays the alignments terming them inconsequential and too early to cause any jittery in political angle.

The president has been mam on the issue of successor and persistently insisting that this is not the time for politics but development courtesy of the famous handshake. The president has completely kept awy from the 2022 political debate. This has left Kenyans guessing whom will the man in the statehouse endorse. Though endorsements have failed in some circumstances in the past notably during 2002 when the retired president Moi endorsed young Uhuru.

According to the political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi, the last person the president will support for the presidential race is his deputy. The odds are all against the deputy president Dr. William Ruto to succeed Uhuru Kenyatta. Dr. Ruto has consistently gone against his boss by not only campaigning every day but also opposing the BBI initiative.  The deputy President and his supporters have wedged war on the Uhuru and Raila supported initiative, something that has not gone down well with the head of state. This has led to suspension of cabinet meetings just reduce opportunities for the Dp to meet the president. Only subcommittees meet under the chairmanship of super Cs Dr. Fred Matiang’i.

Cs for Devolution Eugine Wamalwa

Two notable characters are Uhuru’s surprise bets. The super Cs Dr. Fred Matiang’I and devolution Cs Eugine Wamalwa. Matiang’i is seen as the president’s close ally leading to his elevation above all cabinet secretaries. The motorcade and personnel around him when attending functions can tell it all. He has in the past openly disagreed with the deputy president in public. Many Kenyans are wondering how the president could donate powers to his junior to supersede his deputy.

Eugine Wamalwa is viewed by many as a smart politician but with limited funds to spearhead a presidential campaign. But some circles are pointing Eugine wamalwa as the main man for the president. Remember in 2012 wamalwa was meant to be Uhuru’s running mate until Ruto sneaked back to consolidate the position. The Dp had landed on Chirau Ali Mwakwere to be his deputy by then in in URP Party.  Wamalwa who was the main speaker during TNA presidential endorsement forum, was seen as a clear chance for the Tranzoia man to become the deputy. Since then the president has forced his way against the will of his deputy to have Eugine in the cabinet. The cards being played will become more complicated when the executive is expanded through the looming change of the constitution.


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