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This is strange very strange from Rose Muhando


Gospel music fans of Rose Muhando are wondering if the energetic Tanzanian songbird will have a career in the months to come, with all the damning allegations marring her good name. The last four years, Rose’s star seems to have faded after allegations of fake exorcism, fraud, drug addiction, abortion and chronic health issues, some of which she vehemently denied.

Recently, Muhando was in Kenya for a performance with vernacular Kamba artiste Stephene Kasolo at the Champions of Christ International Church in Athi River. Rose and Kasolo have a song together, titled Hautasumbuka Tena. Kasolo defended Rose, saying: “Mama Rose Muhando has faced a lot in life, but my happiness is that she has never given up! She’s a mother to me and I respect her so much. Rose has changed many people’s lives through her music, starting with me. Yesterday, she visited me in Athi River, where she said, ‘I will keep the fire burning till the day of the lord!'”

In a message to her haters, Rose Muhando said, “Ambia adui wako, ni lazima wakae. Sisi tuu ndio tunatakikana kusimama na kuenda mbele, hao wanatakikana wakae tuu. Wako na vimbele mbele kama mifuko ya polisi.”

Rose Muhando looked like a shadow of her younger, energetic self. Wearing a stripped T-shirt and floral skirt, the singer looks like she has lost a lot of weight. Her legs had black scarring and her right hand was bandaged. Her cheekbones are sticking out and the fire we once saw in her eyes is long gone. Is the iconic star still in there?

Raising the injured hand up and pointing to the skies, she threw subliminal jabs at her haters. She said: “Who doesn’t know that once I sang until the earth shook? Who doesn’t? “The devil was not pleased, he fought me and beat me down, to silence me anyhow he could. The Lord saw all this and he told the devil to do all he wants with me, as long as he doesn’t touch my life. But now, here I still am, doing fine,” Rose said, standing on the pulpit.

“And God has given me another precious gift [besides singing], to be a fisher of men. For this I know the devil, the wizards, witches, demons and all evil people know what is going to happen.”

After promoters and church leaders stopped calling her for events due to the scandals dogging her, Rose Muhando says, singer Stephene Kasolo is the only one who had her back. “Kasolo hajawai kuninena vibaya, mara mingi ameniconnect kwa pastor wengi. If you see him being blessed, it is because he has said good things about me.

“Chini siendi,” Muhado taunted her detractors. But as a good Christian, she added, “Ukitaka kupata nafasi ya aliye juu ni kumsongeza juu. Jifunze kubariki ili ubarikiwe. Jua kuwabariki wenzako, ili ubarikiwe.”


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