Home Entertainment  The worst actor on Citizen TVs program Maria…. Disgruntled fans speak out.

 The worst actor on Citizen TVs program Maria…. Disgruntled fans speak out.

The Hausa Family

The film on citizen TV which entails both the urban rich and poor in slums has gotten fans across the republic. The young to the old are all lovers of Maria. This is due to exceptional actors like victor, maria, luwi, bondi, silas etc.

The young generation associate themselves with their fellow counterparts in the film. Likewise the Hausa family led by William gives the elderly something to learn about. Sometimes fans are bored by some few characters who have failed to up their game. Notably is the sister who seems to be reading the script throughout with complete no sense of humor and originality.

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Most started at that point like the driver Korros and Chef Ben but they have since learned how to attract the perception of the audience. Though, she’s not the worst according to the fans.

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Kenyan fans immediately raise their disappointment on social media whenever certain characters fail to meet the required standards. In this case the Detective has proved to be below par in his skills to investigate the crimes. He has shallow questioning and very predictable. The facial expression for a detective is wanting. Sadly enough, he periodically pulls his nose during his interview sessions. Fans on social media could not spare him and are calling for his improvement in the next episode. He remains the worst actor at the moment.


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