Home Politics The very first TANGATANGA Sugoi trip by Agikuyu.

The very first TANGATANGA Sugoi trip by Agikuyu.

MP Alice Wahome and her Malindi counterpart

A large delegation from the Mt. Kenya region led by politicians visited Sugoi on Thursday after the same was done by the Bungoma Pro- Ruto residents. The trip that was spearheaded by the Mps Kimani  Ngunjiri and Alice Wahome almost failed to mature due to allegations of mistrust in terms of the token issued.

Sources reveal that the Dp had issued over sh. 6M to enable the much awaited delegation to pay him a visit at his rural home. Each member of the parliament was given sh. 40,000.

This didn’t go down well with majority of the members who demanded more claiming that it wasn’t enough for their upkeep. However the legislators were promised more cash on arrival at the said venue.

The delegation consisted of 4,000 delegates from across kikuyu community. Kimani Ngunjiri, Alice Wahome, kimani Ichungwa and other senior officials camped at Eldoret sports club to wait for other delegates then did head to town where they were received by their counterparts. The two groups shared mursik before it was led to silverline Hotel.

Earlier on they had addressed residents at the town.  “Thank you people of Eldoret for the warm welcome,” Ngunjiri stated. He applauded the locals for their unconditional efforts to ensure peace and tranquility in upheld in the region. He then urged the voters to support their son William Ruto to clinch the 2022 presidential elections.

The vocal polician stated that the kikuyus are bound by the 2013 agreement to assist the DP to attain the presidency for ten years beginning from 2022. The legislator told the residents that the president had agreed to support Ruto in that political agreement and nothing has changed. The group comprised of church leaders, kikuyu elders and politicians.


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