Home Politics The truth about Dr. William Ruto’s Powers after the Executive order.

The truth about Dr. William Ruto’s Powers after the Executive order.

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto

It more than clear now, that the President and his Deputy cannot swim in the same direction. The President whipped Ruto allies in National Assembly by ousting the Chief whip Benjamin Washiali and Deputy majority leader Cecil Mbaraire. At this moment the process is going on to remove 16 Mps from the committees.

What is in the Executive order about Dp’s office?
Constitutionally the President has powers to reorganize his government from time to time. The Deputy President is the principal assistant of the President thus can only perform delegated duties. According to Nzoika Waita the document is legally binding instruction issued by H.E The President. The Executive Order on the Organisation of Government is primarily an administrative tool that provides clarity to the Public Service on the designation of functions & placement of entities within the GoK.

Dp William Ruto with Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika in a past event
image source: citizen digital

Therefore it’s also it is a tool used by the National Treasury to prepare budget votes for approval by the National assembly for the proper allocation of funds to different offices & entities within the Government. It is a public reference document that is updated from time to time to assist the public to navigate the complexities of Government & to direct their request(s) to the correct office(s).
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All staff at the office of the Deputy President will be hired and fired by the head of Public Service according to the executive order that has abolished the PRESIDENCY and established the PRESIDENT, making Office of the Deputy President a department under the President. That means also transfers can only be initiated by the head of public service.
The arrangement since this 2013 had it clearly spelt out. There were two EXECUTIVE OFFICES. That’s Executive office of the President and Executive office of the Deputy President. That arrangement has since been removed on the executive order issued.
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