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The soldiers Ruto must retain to secure support in Bungoma county for 2022 top job


Kenyans hardly get time to relax free from politics. Merely one and a half years since last general elections, drums are already beating for 2022 poll. Camps have already emerged notably within the scrambling ruling party jubilee. On one side there’s “kielweke” and on the other side is “tangatanga” team. The former is vehemently opposed to the DP while the latter is moving across the country to drum up support for him. On the contrary the president is totally opposed to early campaigns which has put him at crossroads with his DP.

In Bungoma county, Ruto has made inroads since 2013 by luring the former governor Ken Lusaka, the former ODM chairman of bungoma John Waluke and the then first time Mp Dan Wanyama. Later on he recruited the current Mp for Kimilili constituency Mr. Didmas Barasa and now is working to bring on board an MCA within webuye east.

Starting with the Sirisia legislator, his mobilization skills on the ground can really help marshal support for the Dp. He resonates well with the commoners on the ground, especially the primitive lot and women in his constituency. He will be the key player in Sirisia and its environs. The MP has publicly declared he will contest the gubernatorial seat come 2022.

The speaker of the senate, Mr. Ken Lusaka might find it difficult to convince electorate to support Ruto because the position he’s holding has no influence on development agenda in the region. Nevertheless, he can still be vital if he will be nominated to be the Dp for Ruto something that seems unlikely.

On the other hand, Didmas Barasa has a great opportunity to sale his master in kimilili as the voters still embrace his development agenda as opposed to Dan wanyama who is unlikely to retain the webuye west seat.

The new comer is the MCA from Ndivisi ward whom the Dp view as smart, aggressive and mobilizer who can be on the driving seat for webuye east constituency. The former jubilee contestants in the last elections; Dr. Iyaya and Mr. Masoni have the habit of disappearing in oblivion after polls. This gives the MCA, Mr. Martin Pepela a chance to carry the mantle for the DP.  The young legislator is likely taking over the kingship of the tachoni community, the sub tribe that has the majority in webuye east. He’s yet to declare if he will vie for Mp seat in 2022 but sources close to him indicates he will.  He will be akey ingredient in Ruto camp if the Dp has to get something in webuye east but it will majorly depend on the development record that will be initiated before 2022.

The Dp now has a major task not only to keep the men mentioned above but also to steer development programs in their respective regions within Bungoma county.


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