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The rise and rise of young man in Wemilabi ward, VIHIGA COUNTY sends shivers among the political nemesis

Francis Amulioto, Aggrey "Boyrez" Akanga and other Esiembero youth in the past event.

Leaders are seen mostly in times of need but in the case Francis Amulioto, it’s different. His deeds are evident both in times of need and happy moments. The young man hails from Essong’olo area but he’s not shy of giving a helping hand to members of the public even those from other wards. The youth within the ward have started being identified with him because of philanthropic behavior to uplift sports in the society.

The ever jovial Francis has recently donated food stuffs and other materials to vulnerable members of his society though in a small way because he’s not very rich but only sacrificing the small token he acquires. It’s unique to find such a gentleman who’s also struggling in life to perform such noble activities. But Francis is doing it as the elected leaders are just watching from a distance.

Youth Fixing the goalposts at Esiembero Primary donated by Francis Amulioto

Recently the gentleman donated goalposts to a local club, something that send murmurs among the incumbent ward leadership sympathizers. They came out gun blazing questioning why the young man is offering such support instead of the area MCA Mr. Patrick Akhwale. According to them, such projects will destroy the image of the incumbent and might be a tall order for him to recapture the coveted seat. Basing on the last general election over 85% of MCAs cannot be reelected. That’s a worrying trend in the corridors of the incumbent.
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But what’s Francis up to?
Sources close to him reveal that he’s under pressure from the majority of the youth to vie for the MCA seat come 2022. When we tried to reach him, he denied the sentiments and said its too early now to pronounce such. “Right now am focused to help the youth especially from my ward and am ready to discuss politics. But God willing in 2022 they will evaluate my work and inform me if am fit for the seat or not,” he uttered.

The incumbent Mr. Patrick Akhwale boasts for doing many projects before he was elected but at the moment he has disappeared from the public limelight since 2017. His confidants reveal that he might not defend his seat. “His focus on his businesses after his term expires,” one of the confidants said and sought anonymity. That means if it’s true Mr. Francis will join the race then he battle it out with Former MCA Mr. Amuhinda. Amuhinda might not be a thread to him; just like the incumbent he also had a poor development record. Let’s wait and see how all this will be unveiled in the course of time.

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