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The number plate that the security organs are looking for to impound your vehicle


In Kenya we have many regulations regarding ownership of a vehicle. Sometimes one can be found in trouble without his/her knowledge of the offence. The government has rules and regulations regarding vehicle ownership. The shape, the style and colour of number plate are just some of them. Other common regulations are having a valid driving license and the vehicle insured to be driven on Kenyan roads.

james macharia cs for transport

The number plates are always issued in an order that in every year there’s a progress alphabetically. The cabinet secretary for transport Dr. James Macharia has issued a statement cautioning individuals who have changed the appearance of the number plates to prepare a serious battle with the police.
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He said that it’s high time the laws are followed in acquiring new number plates. “Those who wish to mutilate the law by coming up with their own format of number plates will not be tolerated on our roads’, He said. Some influential Kenyans have written their names on it without permission from the relevant authorities.


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