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The Governor calls the radio station to set the record straight.


It was a rare show of occurrences on March 28, 2019 during morning political discussion on local radio station Sulwe fm. The radio station hosted Sirisia mp major John Waluke who was highlighting issues to do with mismanagement of public funds in Bungoma county by the executive.

The mp expressed his anger towards the Governor of Bungoma county His Excellency Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati, alleging that the CEO has interest in tenders especially in the ministry of roads. He said that the governor is doing business with the county through proxy. The mp has been vocal alleging that the governor has set aside sh. 400m budgeted for entertainment in his office.

In a rejoinder the His Excellency governor Wycliffe wangamati called the radio station demanding the mp to stop peddling lies. “This man Waluke do not understand budgeting process in the county and am inviting him in my office educate him on the same”, the governor said. “How can the county assembly allocate sh. 400m to my office for entertainment, even the controller of budget cannot allow that?” he alluded.

The governor stated that, the mp has either zero knowledge or inadequate information on budgetary allocations. He advised the Sirisia legislator to focus on matters within his constituency to guarantee his reelection. The Bungoma governor on the other hand said that he’s only allocated sh. 35m per year for entertainment. This translates to sh. 120, 000 per day. Seems pocket change to his excellency the Governor of Bungoma. Though most listerners who called later and  the residents in the streets of Bungoma did agree with the sentiments of Governor to dispel the rumors from Sirisia Mp.

The radio station is widely listened and most popular in Bungoma county.


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