Home News The gift Uhuru earned from Magufuli; Very interesting

The gift Uhuru earned from Magufuli; Very interesting


It seemed a coincidence when the Kenyan president pays a visit to his counterpart Tanzanian president when the national soccer team Harambee stars had just crushed their neighbors Taifa stars during the AFCON encounter.

President Uhuru Kenyatta who had planned to visit his Tanzanian counterpart Pombe John Magufuli just for few hours decided to spend the night at the host’s rural home town chato which is next to lake Victoria. Having engaged in trade wars in the recent past, this was not much expected from the Kenyan Head of state. After spending few hours on official discussions, the two headed to the rural home of Chato town.

President Uhuru started the rural home tour by paying a visit to the grave of the late Tanzanian president’s father. Uhuru proceeded with the good gesture by visiting the ailing mother to president Magufuli. The Kenyan president offered a prayer that lasted for over 3 min. This is the second time the president her offered a prayer in public. The last time was during jubilee rally in Nakuru in 2017.


This touched the host who offered a gift to the Kenyan counterpart.  President Pombe Magufuli offered four peacoks to Uhuru. He said in Swahili and I quote, “sijawai fikiria kupea mtu yeyote hii zawadi lakini nimeguzwa na Uhuru Kenyatta lazima nimpe yeye”.  President Uhuru on the other hand has invited Magufuli to kiambu in kenya to reciprocate on the good gesture accorded to him.


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