Home News The Deputy Presidents’ message to Kenyans today after Uhuru Kenyattas’ Press briefing.

The Deputy Presidents’ message to Kenyans today after Uhuru Kenyattas’ Press briefing.

President Uhuru and his Deputy in a past function.

The Head of state today announced a partial lockdown of Nairobi metropolitan, Kilifi, and Mombasa and Kwale counties. The move is meant to further strive to combat the spread of Covid-19 in the country. The presidents’ has been supported by his Deputy Dr. William Ruto who called upon all Kenyans to join hands with government in fighting the pandemic.

The number of infected in Kenya has risen to 158, with four recoveries and two deaths according to the head of state during the press briefing today in the afternoon. The number of those who have so far succumbed to covid-19 is six.

From the afternoon briefing the president stated that there will no travelling in and out of Nairobi from today at 7:00pm. The same will happen to Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale on Wednesday at 7:00pm altogether. This cessation of movement will last for 21 days commencing today in Nairobi and based on the review from the emergency committee in the coastal counties.

The deputy president urged Kenyans to comply with the Presidents directives in order to flatten the curve of the ever rising cases of covid-19. He said as citizens we ought to do our part as individuals to defeat the virus.

Below is the message from the official twitter account of the Deputy President. “Fellow countrymen/women HE the president has issued enhanced measures including containment in Nairobi, Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa, use of face masks, supply of free water in informal settlements. It’s our patriotic duty to do our part to ensure these measures succeed. We shall overcome,” he twitted. Kenyans are yet to see the deputy head of state in the limelight since the first announcement of corona epidemic in Kenya.


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