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The bill in the Senate gives MEN a reason to marry from the rich.


The proposed bill sponsored by nominated senator Abshiro Halake, is set to be introduced in the house for first reading which will allow men to inherit the wives’ property. The current perception is that its only women who can inherit their spouses’ property might change completely if the bill goes through.

The law of succession (Amendment) Bill, 2020 on the succession Act will provide gender equity on succession matters if passed as it is. The Bill touches on the property like land together with other movable property.

The legislator maintains that stability and sustainability is the key when the family is left behind by the deceased.  The Bill amends section 29 of the succession Act. The current law only places the husband on dependent’s category on condition of proof that he was being maintained by the wife prior her death.

The nominated senator Halake Abshiro

The Bill states that once a widow or a widower remarries, they lose their life interest in the remainder of deceased net estate. The Bill further excludes community land from the assets to be inherited.

Most senators are surprised by the fellow senators move now that she’s a lady. Such Bills touching on women interests mostly do raise harsh reception especially when proposed by a man. The reading might be delayed due to corona virus pandemic in the country which stands at 25 infected the second largest number after Rwanda.


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