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Ten (10) things Men hate in marriage or relationship and might take them to “mpango ya kando” or lead to separation.


It doesn’t imply that when a woman does what am going to mention, a Husband or boyfriend will automatically run away. This can only happen if some of the behavior is consistently experienced for sometime. Some men will persist forever but majority will quietly look for a “clande” or seek divorce.

  1. Making fun of the things he like or prefers in life.

As partners isn’t easy to like the same the same way. And that’s fine, there’s no problem at all. He may like running outfield as you do gym fitness. Maybe you like watching Latin soaps as he likes series movies. That’s fine let him enjoy and don’t make fun of it like that series is made for adolescents. He will be pissed off and the relationship won’t last for long in some circumstances.

  1. A lady without work ethics and goals

Some people think Men don’t like women who progress in career and ambitious to climb higher in economic ladder. This is not true. Ladies with great work ethic and determination in their tasks make men to feel proud and more associated with them. It’s super-hot when you love what you do every day and want to work harder and do even better. On the contrary if a lady is not hard working, it’s unattractive to a man. Such men will find solace in getting a second wife of such characters and even put more investments in that marriage than the first one.

  1. Talking ill of his family

Every lady wants the parents and siblings of the boyfriend or husband to love her. This is the scenario which is unique though good for a relationship. Unfortunately sometimes however much you perform and seek their love; but all will be in vain. They will still hate you and even make sure you know they hate you. It’s really irritating for sure. But you shouldn’t at all cost tell him you’re hated by his family. Remember it’s his family and will remain his family. No man wishes to hear this. Just get other excuses to stay far from such families without mentioning the really elephant in the house.

  1. Awkward silences in the house.

It’s very important to talk anything at any given time. The guy should be your best friend. Talk about the dream of the relationship. Pretend to know the topics he likes if he brings it up. If you’re completely “tabulla rasa” then converse by asking some few questions sparingly. Its completely out order and boring to shut for him just to pick your phone and talk for some minutes while smiling.  A Man may not put great conversations to say the least but the little he does; support him by joining the same.

  1. Not everything you want in life will be availed.

In a relationship, it’s important to have a compromise. It will break on the onset if one individual in the partnership won’t tone down. Not always decisions will go your way. If such scenarios occur, you ought to understand that a man is the enigma of that house. Whether your underlying issues are factual or not accept his philosophy especially in the presence of visitors. Either my way or the highway attitude will give you no chance of even just regretting.

  1. Misinterpreting jokes, just jokes.

Most women will get angry very quickly just because of sense of humor from their husbands. They often think that a joke has a deeper meaning. They struggle to find the hidden agenda behind the joke by poking with questions. In this case a man will decide to keep quiet and keep off if the situation persists. Just a phone call will be enough to return a smile on his face. Remember that will be the beginning of his departure.

  1. Don’t get too stuck on him

I know that you’re part of him but at the same time you don’t have one body. You will still remain two. You always feel insecure when he’s not closely seated with you. Let your man have space and time. Let him breathe.  Men really hate such behavior. Respect space or make him run or run away very fast.

  1. Relating issues with from your former relationship

Mentioning your Ex or a relationship you had initially is the worst thing a man will wish to hear. Some ladies will give an example using their past relationship when correcting men. To a man that means, the gentleman you had is better than him. Is just that you didn’t manage to hold him and that means the relationship is totally insecure for him. Never ever give a tip about your ex.

  1. Being extravagant

When you first mate he did spend a sizeable good amount of money but that doesn’t mean he will persistently do the same even in marriage. Avoid free spending even if he has a pregnant pocket. Spending carelessly means your only objective in that marriage or relationship is money. This will degrade your personality according to him. He don’t want a gold digger to be the mother of his children. Surprise him with the money you saved or remained with after shopping.  Let him understand that you don’t need more money for that period of time.

  1. Uncontrollable talking.

Communication is vital for good marriage. But talking should also have limits. Be sensitive with what he’s engaged in. if whatever he’s doing say watching news, keep off. Continuous talking will bring up lies which will be detrimental to your marriage. He will run to a cool lady who talk sense and timely.

Author: Robert Kerre


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