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Teachers mock the President on matters of corporal punishment.


On the wake of corona pandemic in the world most leaders have taken punitive measures rightfully to reduce its spread. Unfortunately citizens have consistently disobeyed the directives given by various government officials. During the weekend on Sunday the 22nd of March 2020, the police were compelled to apply force in order to remove worshipers in several churches in Zimbabwe. In Kenya most churches did proceed with their Sunday activities as usual as opposed to the orders given a day before.

It seems very cumbersome for most Kenyans to heed the calls from the health officials and the president.  In most parts of the country, force is being applied to remove traders and dispatch gatherings. A mere talk is not enough especially when the country is facing the pandemic that demands social distancing.

On the other hand teachers on social media who have been receiving directives concerning corporal punishment in schools from the ministry of education are mocking the government to continue applying counseling and advice to Kenyans instead of using force.” CS Mutahi Kagwe ought to continue advising Kenyans to follow the directives issued,” a teacher wrote on twitter.

Corporal punishment was abolished in 1998 and teachers are advised to use alternative ways of advancing discipline. Though it was good when used controllably meant to instill discipline, some teachers misused the idea. They could beat students causing serious injuries. Lack of alternative punishment other than corporal has led to indiscipline among students across the country. The scenario is also seen in our universities now that form four leavers do not go through NYS before joining the higher learning institutions.

In response to a question from a member of the media team regarding cases where children were seen across the country playing outside, the angered CS asked Kenyans to exercise discipline. “We are suffering from cases of indiscipline and this is going to cost us. It’s a grave mistake exposing children whom we sent home for safeguarding. We want responsibility among Kenyans. Children were sent home for protection and not for holiday.” CS Kagwe proclaimed. He said Kenyans will be forced to obey the directives to the latter. That means the men in uniform will be tasked to implement the order as it is.


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