Home Education Teachers and Students should prepare to dig deep—Cs Magoha.

Teachers and Students should prepare to dig deep—Cs Magoha.

Cs. Education Prof. George Magoha

The worldwide outbreak of coronavirus pandemic led to closure of all schools, colleges and universities on March 15, 2020. Speaking during interview at the National Assembly, the Cs for Education Prof. George Magoha revealed that the opening of schools cannot be pre-determined. Over 13 million students are affected by the pandemic in Kenya.

The Cs said that students will learn for longer hours and even holidays shortened once the learning is resumed. He said that holidays will last for a maximum of two weeks and the second term shortened to recover the lost time. So far already four learning weeks are lost due to Covid-19 pandemic. The roll-out of the second phase of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) for Grade Five students could be affected by the pandemic.

Radio and TV lessons have raised a lot of concern especially from those regions that are marginalized. But Prof. Magoha said the exercise was just meant to enable KICD (Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development) to boost the classroom teaching and support the teachers during this trying moments. He defended the move and urged parents to be patient because once learning resumes, teachers will pick from where they stopped before closure. Students and teachers should prepare for squeezed vigorous program when schools resume learning.


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