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Surprising Ruto’s message to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Uhuru and Dp William Ruto.

On Thursday 23rd January 2020, the Deputy President decided to open up about his relationship with the Head of state. The Dp who was furious most of the time when he was being interviewed by NTV’s Ken Michungu set the record straight on his expectations from the president come 2022. When asked about the impending divorce with his party leader, this is what he said and I quote, “Am not married to Uhuru Kenyatta and you know wife is Racheal and Uhuru’s wife is Margaret”. It’s clear the initial romance between the president and his deputy is all gone. The marriage has collapsed unceremoniously to the disadvantage of the Dp. This is also evident from the deputy president’s lieutenants like the senate majority leader Kipchumba Morkomen and Mp Oscar Sudi who have consistently attacked the President and his government on the matter of intimidation of Ruto’s allies.

Am the Key for Uhuru’s success

On the same platform on NTV Dr. William Ruto clearly stated without missing a single word the long journey he undertook to make Uhuru Kenyatta the President. “I was sent by President Moi to convince Mark Too to resign as Mp so that Uhuru Kenyatta get nominated.” The Dp said. He narrated how the Mark Too was keen to continue serving but agreed to step down to the young Uhuru Kenyatta who then was elevated after nomination to become a cabinet minister incharge of local government. The president Moi nominated him to become KANU’s flag bearer in 2002 general elections where Mwai KIbaki emerged victorious. Ruto said he was the only one that accompanied Mr. Kenyatta to issue concession speech when everyone else had left.

The Deputy President William Ruto

He has supported him twice recently.

The deputy president went to state how he has gone through troubles to support unpopular Uhuru in the Rift Valley in 2013 elections the cementing it in 2017. “No one imagined Kalenjins and Kikuyus can forge a unified campaign and win elections but it happened.” He stated.  The big question is whether the president will reciprocate or not. Though the Dp is not keen on the same and is ready to support anyone who will be nominated by the party apart from president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ruto tells President Uhuru Kenyatta to retire after 2022

The current Kenyan constitution only allows the president to serve for a maximum of two terms. But the looming expectations of the change of laws through the BBI, some sections of leaders are proposing for Uhuru’s come back after his term ends in 2022.  The Deputy President questioned those who were peddling the propaganda issuing a warning to the President to retire in 2022.  “Even if you secure presidency at 21 years and win again for the second term, then you ought to retire at 31 years of age”, the furious Dp stated. He said that the world cannot come to an end after retirement. “It’s just the moment to get a chance to perform other duties or even give more time to the family,” the Dp added. He candidly opened up on the expected support from the president stating that there’s no agreement with the president for the same.


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