Home Politics Senator Ladama Ole Kina shown the exit door by ODM.

Senator Ladama Ole Kina shown the exit door by ODM.

Senator Ledama Ole Kina

ODM de-whips Narok senator Ledama Ole kina from the senate Public Accounts Committee four days after he was controversially elected as the chairperson. The party has written a letter through the minority leader Senator James Orengo to the speaker seeking removal of Ole kina from the committee. He had been elected alongside Senator Kimani Wamatangi as his vice chairperson.

Senator James Orengo

Senator Ledama is already a member of two other committees. This is the reason that led to his ouster him from the leadership of CPAIC. The senate minority leader wrote the letter to the speaker of the senate requesting the removal of Senator Ledama from the CPAIC according to act 190 of the standing orders. The senate has declared fight back starting with the coming BBI.
“Today I chaired my second meeting as the duly elected Chair of Senate Public Accounts Investment Committee. The letter James Orengo has got no basis and must be treated with contempt! Because this committee is very powerful they want a push over not me”, Senator Ole Kina said earlier today. The Odm party prefers Senator Sam Ongeri in the coveted committee leadership.


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