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Seemingly 2019 would not be different for www administration— Anonymous


Defending Bungoma county development record is proving to be very difficult for the executive and that was evident when the deputy governor was hosted on a local radio station on the eve of Christmas. Earlier on the governor repeatedly pointed out his main achievement was improving the ECDEs. This was viewed as too little for a CEO who talks “big”.

When www was campaigning way back in 2017 he assured residents that most investment will be in education sector and the lowest bursary allocation for each child in secondary school will be sh. 10,000. With a budget of sh.400m for bursary, sh.10,000 per child was not achievable in 2018. The beginning of this year has seen bursary allocation reduced to sh.200m. Most students will get as low as sh.2000 as opposed to the Governors’ pronouncement. Is the Governor setting up the MCAs against the electorates? The legislatures have found it very difficult to explain to residents why they are not to blame for the mess.

The past one year, it’s alleged the executive was being controlled by cartels supported by the governor himself. Jobs allocation and tenders just to mention a few was not based on merit but whom do you know.  The county governor should redeem himself to raise confidence among the residents who wish to do business with the government.

The opaqueness in tendering process has raised concern among the contractors.  Many questions were raised on why the road maintenance contracts were published on a daily newspaper and a couple of days later nothing visible on the same in the county website.

The executive has enormous task to change the perception of people regarding the tendering process. The Governor his Excellency Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati is on record stating that those who will be found culpable in misuse of funds and corruption will be send packing.  Residents will be waiting to see if it will be actualized or just usual rhetoric.


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