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SAVEPRIVATE/BOMTEACHERS: Netizens asked to share until it reaches the PRESIDENT

President Uhuru Kenyatta

BOM as well as PTAs have employed over 500k teachers. Majority of these, have not received salaries. They request to be included in the list of the vulnerable Kenyans. The government has neglected hardworking teachers who are under BOM and Private schools. President Uhuru Kenyatta and ministry of Education should intervene on this since they are helping a Kenya child
Private schools, BOMs and PTAs employed teachers, have been religiously paying taxes to this govt. It’s time the government also gives back to them. When results are announced, these are the brains behind the best schools/ students. They form part of the vulnerable in the society. If the president can cushion musicians, why not such teachers whose source of livelihood has been affected by this pandemic.

KNUT secretary Wilson Sossion
image: Daily Nation

Teaching has been our source of their livelihood. Majority don’t teach near their homes, which mean they pay rent. Their rent arrears have accumulated for the past 4 months and likely to pile up for the next 6 months. They have opened a debt booklet with mama mboga, shops etc.

The government cushioned the Kenyan athletes, Kenyan artists and many others but the most affected Kenyan private and BOM teachers, are still suffering since the first Covid-19 occurred. During this tough time of covid 19 pandemic we have seen one cabinet secretary-Amina Mohammed through the government, allocate some stipend to cushion athletes;this shows how concerned and dedicated a CS should be. What’s the role of Cs Magoha? If he cannot cushion them then he has to put up a framework that will see schools pay without delay.

Cs. Education Prof. George Magoha
KUPPET Chairman Mr. Omboko Milemba

KUPPET has asked government to cater for salaries of Board of Management (BOM) teachers and support staff during the COVID-19 pandemic period. KUPPET and KNUT should do more than this. The same teachers will join the Unions soon.
These teachers are going through hard times. Create the conversation to help a brother/sister. Every time you respond please use the hashtag #SavePrivateandBOMTeachers on twitter and share this information as many times as possible on facebook until it reaches the President.

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