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Same Job Announcement published a record number of times in Bungoma County.


The story of a dangling carrot exhibited at the Bungoma County Executive under the leadership of Governor Wycliffe Wangamati. If you dangle a carrot infront of someone or offer them a carrot, you try to persuade them to do something by offering them a reward. In this case the Governor is not even showing the jobless youths a carrot instead he promised to come home with it in 3 occasions.
The job of village Administrator has been announced 3 times in Wangamati’s three year time in office and in all occasions there has been no budget to carter for the same. I know thousands of youth once again will drop their applications, jostle and strive to secure one of the 236 chances advertised. Little do they know that there’s no budget allocation for the same just like the previous times.

wangamati bungoma county
Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati

Why is the Bungoma Governor taking such a sensitive matter casually? The County CEO who has been on the media of recent for only wrong reasons is striving to redeem himself from poor development record by changing the direction of the current conversation on corruption allegations. He’s the only first time Governor who has already launched early campaigns for 2022 after realizing the ground is slippery for his survival.
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It’s the public domain that the today’s advert won’t proceed to conclusion as usual because of lack of funds set aside for it. That means the same announcement will be made again next year or early 2022. He will use it again as a bargaining tool to woo the youth on the eve of the elections. If 50,000 youths can be promised the 236 job positions, then it will motivate them to vote in certain manner regardless of the positions available. Sources close to the Governor’s desk reveal the possibility of the same advert coming up in May 2022. Luckily enough our youth are smart and will do what’s right when the time to cast the vote in the ballot approaches.
The requirements and duties for the advertised job are stated below with the deadline for submission set for 20th November.
Requirements for appointment
1. Must be a Kenyan citizen;
2. Be in possession of Post-Secondary Certificate;
3. Has been a resident in the respective village Unit for a continuous period of not less than 5 years prior to the appointment
4. Must be at least 25 years of age
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Coordinate, Manage and supervise the general administrative functions in the village including: a) Ensuring and co-coordinating the participation of the village unit in governance b) Assisting the village unit to develop the administrative capacity for the effective exercise of the functions and powers and participation in governance at the local level c) Exercise any functions and powers as delegated by the County Public Service Board d) Chairing of the Village Council Meetings e) Appointment of Village Elders with the approval of the County Assembly. f) Establishment of the village council g) Supervision of Village Elders
2. Resolution of non-judicial and non-criminal disputes in accordance with the traditional disputes resolution systems 3. Perform any other function assigned by the Ward Administrators
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