Home News How Prof. Ken Waliaula Walibora was ignored until he died.

How Prof. Ken Waliaula Walibora was ignored until he died.


To start with, I take this opportunity to send my heartfelt condolences to the close relatives and friends of the departed hero in literature and media guru Prof. Ken Walibora. It’s sad to come to terms with his demise but we pray to our Almighty to give you comfort and get solace in Him during this trying moments. Just like Walibora’s death could have been avoided unfortunately it’s the same scenario to what Kenyans go through especially the lower class carder that depends on government facilities.

It’s unfortunate to come into terms that someone kept the Kiswahili king unattended to at KNH for 14 hours. He was taken to hospital at 9:30am and passed on at midnight before he was examined. This is exactly what happens to a common Mwanainchi when seeking services from public institutions. Ken Walibora died for the common Mwanainchi. It’s just the mercy from God that a commoner survives in public hospital. Therefore Prof. Walibora’s death is synonymous with what the “other Kenyans” go through because they are not known. But who cares? What’s the importance and reason for taking the patient to EMERGENCY ROOM?

Now that Ken was not recognized, even St. Johns ambulance abandoned him just for the county ambulance to rescue the situation.

Prof Walibora becomes the third Nation Media Group journalist to die in a road accident in just two months.Last month, the NMG lost Christine Omulando in a road accident at Khoja mosque roundabout in Nairobi.Her body was also found at a local mortuary after she was reported missing for days.Ms Omulando had reported to work on March 16 and left the office for lunch in the afternoon never to return.

Efforts to reach her on phone both on March 17 and 18 were futile, only for her body to be discovered lying at city mortuary.Police said a matatu veered off the road and hit pedestrians, including Ms Omulando, moments before another minibus ran over her body. She died on the spot.

On March 7, NTV lost journalist Raphael Nzioki in a hit-and-run accident in the city centre. A matatu hit him while crossing the road at the junction of Kenyatta Avenue and Kimathi Street.The driver of the matatu that hit him has since been charged with causing his death.

 Most Kenyans have lost their lives on the waiting bench. Others admitted but take more than 10 hours just to loose battle and succumb. I know the government is not interested but my plea goes to the CEOs of our public hospitals. Remember there’s judgment one day. You will be judged with what you did wrong and what you failed to do. You will never have peace in life. Do the right thing to protect life. The doctors prefer private hospitals where the cash is instant and handsome. They spend very minimal time in public hospitals endangering the lives of those who require their services. This is sad story in our motherland.


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