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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s message in kikuyu dialect to the Deputy Governor of Kilifi County

President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta said while addressing the nation on April 7, 2020 that the deputy governor ought to be sentenced for 10 years after contravening the quarantine rules as specified by the ministry of health. The angry president said he himself initiated the arrest of the deputy governor Gideon Saburi.

The president who was speaking in his local kikuyu vernacular stations namely; Inooro, Coro and Kameme he said Saburi should face full force of the law for flouting the self-quarantine directive. “Saburi should act as an example to the rest,” the head of state said.

Kilifi Deputy Governor Gideon Saburi

The deputy governor after arriving from Germany where Covid-19 has hit hard, he traversed across two counties of Mombasa and Kilifi clubbing at every point. This has led to infected cases in the said counties rise courtesy of a leader of his stature. He’s now in the police custody after being arraigned in court on Monday April 6, 2020.

Saburi’s lawyer claims his client has never tested positive for covid-19 but it’s up to the prosecution to prove otherwise. He will be arraigned again on Thursday April 9 to for the bail ruling.

The president insisted that what the deputy governor did is very serious that’s the reason he won’t relent on the matter. Though Kenyans on social media who could not understand kikuyu language had mixed reactions on the choice of language the head of state was using. Some criticized him but others believe all leaders ought to do the same to sink the message to the populace.


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