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Nigeria’s Music Promoter and Entrepreneur Ibikunle Adisa plans to invest Over Kshs.30 Million into Entertainment Business.

Ibikunle Adisa

Entertainment plays a very important role in bringing about human happiness in various stages of life, be it music, sports, art and so on. Moreover, it plays a very important role in economic growth which contributes to GDP and employment growth.

Ibikunle Adisa is one of the top popular music promoters and entrepreneurs in Kenya who organizes classy musical concerts in Nairobi including bringing in top Nigerian Music stars such as Mayokurn, Asake, Joe Boy and many others.

Recently, Ibikunle has made headlines in the media over his plans to invest in Kenyan music festivals which triggers attention to other investors.

Speaking to one of the journalists, Ibinkule said it has taken him a while to learn the entertainment business market and build relationships with various music stakeholders and clubs and now that after having various concerts, he is planing to invest more than Kshs 30 Million that will not only strengthen and improve music concerts in Nairobi but also create job opportunities for young people who have been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

“My goal in this investment is to improve entertainment festivals and further increase employment for my fellow youth who were affected by the COVID-19 epidemic”. said Ibikunle.

Ibikunle Adisa who is the founder and CEO of Bruce Promotions & Entertainment also said that he is ready to work with various stakeholders in uniting Kenyan and Nigerian music to strengthen the music business on both sides.


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