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Ministry of Education should Protect BOM teachers.

TSC BOSS, CS Magoha and IG in the past function

Majority of schools in Kenya cannot manage to run in terms of heavy workload thus opting to employ teachers on BOM terms. The teachers are young, energetic and qualified. No teacher can secure employment now without the TSC number. That means they all merit to perform duties as their TSC employed counterparts. They survive on peanuts even some earning as low as sh. 7,000 per month. How can one meet daily expenses with such amount?

Teachers employed on BOM terms in Kenya have long suffered under the mighty principals in high schools. They are mighty in the sense that they decide when to sack, when to pay and when to employ. There’s no body in this country mandated to care of the teachers’ welfare in that category. Now that KUPPET only defends TSC teachers not adequately though, BOM teachers have remained at the mercy of their employers.

Almost all high school principals do not issue employment letters when employing them on BOM. It’s even more surprising because some would employ and issue letters without stating the terms of employment.  When schools are on session, some of them go on upto two or three months without being given their dues.

Sources indicate that some heads of institution are planning to terminate the verbal contracts basing on the unpredictable break due to corona epidemic. Some schools haven’t paid February salaries when we are almost heading to April. Others won’t pay during this break.  Its unbearable situation given that the cost of living currently is not sustainable without stable finances.

KNUT officials in a past function.

The Ministry of Education should come up with guidelines that will see the teachers guaranteed their pay and job security especially such like harsh times due to Covid -19 and normal holidays. If all teachers are paid through bank accounts, it will easier to track schools that fail to adhere to this basic labour right.


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