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Miguna Miguna Downplays Rumors that he’s joining the Race for FKF leadership.

Dr. Miguna Miguna

Speaking through social media from Canada the international lawyer criticized the FKF leadership terming one of the contestants Sam Nyamweya as a cartel who should be locked up in prison. He claimed that Nyamweya started his crafty businesses way back in 1992.
This is what he had to say;

Mr. Sam Nyamweya

“This is an image of Sam Nyamweya, a thief who learnt his trade from Cyrus Jirongo at the YK’92, a violent, barbaric and criminal outfit Daniel arap Moi established to help him cling to power. Nyamweya looted the KFF to death. I hereby sentence this criminal to 350 years in jail. We don’t respect looters and despots. We respect values and virtues. We respect human beings who have integrity, transformative vision; value truth; are honest; respect human rights; pursue justice; and adhere strictly to the constitution and rule of law. We fight against cartelism ROBUSTLY. Jubilee Minority Leader Despot Uhuru Kenyatta and Conman Raila Odinga know that I am more than qualified, competent and capable of steering the Kenyan State to transformation, prosperity, equity and social justice. That’s why they are desperate to keep me in exile.
To the Baboons who made this: I know that you are hungry and have been given crumbs by the Jubilee Party Minority Leader Despot Uhuru Kenyatta, Conman Raila Odinga, COTU Urinator Francis Atwoli and the YK’92 Thief Samuel Nyamweya. Tell them that the KFF presidency is far below my pay scale.”
The information was all over on the media that Miguna was joining the race. The wrangles in soccer governing body have yet escalated between Sam Nyamweya and the incumbent Nick Mwendwa. The stalemate is under the world soccer government body to mediate and give the direction on when and how the elections will be done.


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