Home Politics Mariga is a true mirror image of Luhya nation.

Mariga is a true mirror image of Luhya nation.


It wasn’t a surprise to many that Mariga was not a registered voter and has never voted since he was born. Most people from the luhya nation don’t see the need of participating in elections and Mariga is just one of them. Luckily, he possesses a national identity card unlike a good number of citizens from Mulembe Nation.

Who’s to blame for all this?

Those who have heard the benefit of crisscrossing the Luhya land can profess to see a Miami that’s underutilized. Very poor roads, few home steads connected to electricity, residents depend on springs for clean water and worse enough health facilities wanting. The residents have never seen the presence of the government and will argue out that voting will never change their lives.

Unlike region like central, who are now beyond basic foundations and now deals with new challenges, Luhya nation is still struggling to open up infrastructure at a very slow rate.  The leaders from the region have always auctioned the few numbers on board to get hand-outs. Their aim is not cement a strong force by having many numbers to bargain with but simply to sellout the few available for a token.

The Mariga’s from Mulembe Nation will still be in large numbers unless identification and voting will become compulsory in Kenya.


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