Home Politics Khalwale–Malala likely face off excites Kakamega residents.

Khalwale–Malala likely face off excites Kakamega residents.


 Following the ANC party’s decision to remove Kakamega senator cleophus Malala famously known as Cleo, the youngest senator has come out strongly to daring the party to proceed with the process to the end.

This has excited the residents of the third largest county in Kenya especially on social media. Most residents are demanding that Malala quit the position so that a By-election can be help at least for them to enjoy the jubilee cash too during the campaigns. This depicts the difficult economic times in the country.

Below is the statement from the senator Hon. Cleophas Malala.

Great people of Kakamega County, Members of the press,

Ladies and gentlemen.

Yesterday, I read in sections of the Social Media and later watched on Television that the National Disciplinary Council (NDC) of Amani National Congress (ANC) had suspended my membership from  the Party. They purportedly gave grounds for their actions and without regard to due procedure, went ahead and signed for my indefinite suspension. I will not waste time to make legal rejoinders as to the irregularities and illegalities of their action, since I have not received any official communication from the Party. I would like to focus my reply and address the people of Kakameqa as hereunder:

1. ANC is an affiliate party of NASA COALITION, a political outfit recognized by law and whose MEMORANDUM OF COMPOSITION is filed at the Registrar of Political Parties. To date, ANC has not rescinded or vitiated this association, publicly or privately. In the fore stated agreement, �embers of affiliate parties were allowed to campaign for candidates within the coalition their political parties notwithstanding.

2. During  the 2017 General Election, I was aggressively involved in the campaigning for ANC even without financial support of the party, crisscrossing  the 60 wards and 12 constituencies of Kakamega County. As a result, ANC garnered a majority of seats in the National Assembly and a considerable number in the County Assembly.  This I did aware that certain members of the NDC wore campaigning for opponents in rival parties. It is these same self-exalted officials that are purporting to institute disciplinary action against me.

3. The Party has a deactivated mechanism of INTERNAL PARTY DEl-‘.OCRACY and is now hinged on firefighting its own members. In a nutshell the party lacks leadership and is on autopilot on grave party matters including but not limited to revitalization and expansion of membership through aggressive strategies.

4. The Party Leadership is hell bent on trivializing pertinent issues and magnifying petty incidences, propagating double speak and double standards in matters party discipline. The party has, to say the least been hijacked by egoistic, egocentric and self-centered individuals, incapable of accommodating divergent views and quick to profile self• opinionated leaders, rebels and or moles.

5. The party has disgraced from its commitment to work with other like-minded parties together with whom the NASA coalition was formed but would love to enjoy the proceeds of coalition thereof.

6. In the General Election of 2017, Mr.   Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi, while being aware of the quoted statutes and party constitution, vigorously and openly campaigned for presidential candidate of a rival party, ODM. In fact, the ANC Party Leader was the Campaign Manager o! the ODM Presidential Candidate, His Excellency President Raila Amolo Odinga – the People’s President.

7. On several occasions during the general eleccion of 2017, Mr. Musalia Mudavadi Cill!lpaigned !or candidates of other rival parties within the NASA Coalition, the evidence of which is well within our common knowledge.

8. The values enshrined in the Party Constitution include but is not limited to sovereign independence of the party and its membership. But on several occasions, the party has allowed external infiltration and funding from other parties, which action compromises the integrity of office bearers and lowers the performance of the party. I point out the example of financial support given by Jubilee Party to ANC Party during the Kibra by-election.

9. I attended ODM Kibra rally as a representative of the NASA affiliate party and with the blessings of the coalition Leader.

10.     That as a result, it’s evident: that there is  no internal democracy in the party; there are no values as inculcated in the party; there is witch hunt in the party and petty jealous informing decisions held by party organs. In conclusion, I have consulted the great people of Kakamega County widely and am convinced in my heart that this suspension is ill advised and meant to serve Rectarian interests within and outside the ANC Party. I therefore dare the party leadership to complete the expulsion process they have started; I am ready for a by election and very confident that I will capture back the seat with a land slide.

Thank you and may God Bless you


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