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Mainstream media a let down…


The social media platform has been a key pillar in communication in this country. Most information or news is spread faster through social media forums like whatsap, facebook and Twitter. Most youth in Kenya have embraced social media platform as opposed to mainstream media.

The recent DusitD2 Hotel attack in Nairobi has seen social media bursting in condemning the mainstream media on unprofessional reporting of the incidents that occurred. Most people on social platform believed that the mainstream media had the worst coverage of all times.

Most writers stated that, reporters of some major TV stations were even stating that hostages were hiding over the ceiling boards.  “Why do you expose the victims while the crime scene is still live”, someone twitted.  Most of them termed the mainstream media as “githeri media” because of their insensitive and careless reporting. Another reporter was on the sport by stating that some hostages are in communication with their loved ones outside and were hiding in the third floor in there office room. Sadly, the terrorists could access this information easily through mainstream media that might have jeopardized the police operation to rescue people who were still inside.


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