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Main reason that motivates teachers to go for marking….not money


Most teachers are entrepreneurs and are engaged in almost all kinds of businesses to supplement the salary. Marking of exams that sometimes take up to three weeks keeps them away from their families. This has never been a worry to teachers; nevertheless this is exactly what most wants.

Getting money after marking brings a short while excitement but over 95% of teachers we interviewed didn’t mention the pay as part of their motivation to go for marking.

After stressful year with learners, TPAD, shrewd administrators, loans, games, one digit mean score and more so family problems; most teachers opt to keep away for a while to socialize with their colleagues and most importantly their  former college mates.

A female chemistry paper 2 examiner from Uasin Gishu County said, “This is my moment of relieving stress, staying with my husband for two months is more stressful. I opt to be away to mingle and interact with my former university comrades. After missing each other for so long, we get time though limited because of tight marking schedule to revive our relationships and do what we used to do during campus life.”

In a rejoinder another male teacher said that time is too limited to engage in love and socialize but he plans with his former lover to report three days earlier and stay in town for at least five days after completing the marking secession. He said, “Money cannot bring me here but the joy I get before and after marking is the main reason I come every year. My wife marks from another center but I don’t wish to know what she does there, most important thing is that we meet for Christmas at home.”


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