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Lawmaker John Mbadi surprises Kenyans-Anonymous


Every Kenyan of sound mind expect elected leader whether in county assembly, national assembly or senate to champion for more resource allocation to the “mashinani” to benefit the common man in the village. This hasn’t been the case with majority members of the national assembly spearheaded by the minority leader in the house John Mbadi opposed for allocation of funds in the counties.

Mbadi is the ODM Mp and minority leader in the house.  Whose party leader Raila Odinga, is believed to be the champion of devolution in Kenya. This is surprising indeed among the members of the public who are not able now to comprehend what John Mbadi, the chairman ODM party is up to. The war between the national assembly and the senate cannot be the excuse to derail the benefits Kenyans are entitled to from devolution. The legislator has been vocal on over the division of revenue bill that has seen county budget reduced.

The Odm legislator who moves from one national TV to the next, defending the move, one wonders who is this man representing.  The main reason to reduce county allocation according to him is that there’s lot of wastage in the counties. I believe he’s an accountant by profession. Does he really understand the wastage that occurs in the national government? Why doesn’t he come up with a legislation to curb all this menace?

The Kenyan public is really astonished with the feud between senate and national assembly but believe issues to do with more allocation of funds should be supported by all leaders across the board.


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