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KUPPET lays down demands and ultimatums after budget reading without CBA

KUPPET Chairman Mr. Omboko Milemba in a past event.

The giant teachers union through the Secretary General Akelo Misori stated categorically the steps to undertake in the coming months to push TSC in pursued impending implementation of the CBA. Speaking in Nairobi during the National Governing council meeting, Mr. Misori cautioned the Teachers service commission to adhere to the agreement of the four year plan or else prepare for industrial action.

Akelo Misori Kuppet National secretary

Negotiations between the Union, Salaries & Remuneration commission (SRC) and the Teachers Service Commission commenced in August 2018 but yet to bear fruits. The SRC had proposed an increment of 30% of the basic salary of the classroom teachers in secondary section. But seems the treasury was reluctant to implement creating a stumbling block.
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Most teachers are now frustrated now that there’s increased workload that was brought in by TPAD. On the other hand KUPPET is advising teachers to be patient as they explore all avenues humanly possible to see it happen. What the union is avoiding is confrontational approach against the Teachers Service Commission.
National kuppet officials

The Union through the Secretary General Mr. Misori highlighted the following steps to be taken in the coming weeks and months as he called upon teachers to prepare for tough times. Among its resolutions were:
1. To demand that the Teachers Service Commission should make a counter offer to KUPPET’S memorandum of Demands for the new 2021-2025 CBA without any further delay. This demand is made on the understanding that the remaining time to the expiry of the current CBA is still sufficient for the two parties to come to an agreement.
2. To demand that the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, the National Treasury and the Teachers Service Commission make public all correspondence touching on teachers’ salaries since 2018. These documents unambiguously support unions demand for a salary review.
KUPPET national chairman MP Hon. Omboko Milemba and the secretary general Akello Misori

3. That the union makes it clear to all government organs that not having a new CBA in place by 1st July 2021 would constitute gross negligence and abdication on government’s part, having started a CBA process and negotiated for three years.
4. That teachers are expecting nothing short of salary increments to cushion them against inflation and growing burdens of increased workload under the CBC and their new roles in mitigating the pandemic, and amidst biting teacher shortages coupled with 100%transtion.


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