Home Education KNUT makes statement as KUPPET remains quiet.

KNUT makes statement as KUPPET remains quiet.


The giant teachers union KNUT has come out strongly to demand that Teachers Service Commission dismiss the proposed skills improvement training for the teachers. The scheme that will see teachers part with sh. 6,000 per year has been strongly opposed by the Tutors body terming it illegal thus against the international labour laws.

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) secretary general Mr. Wilson Sossion has threatened that he will mobilize her members for industrial action if TSC won’t rescind the planned training. The teachers commission led by Dr. Nancy Macharia stated earlier on that all teachers should undergo special training termed as TPD(Teacher Professional Development Modules)

KUCCPS site now open and Cut off points anouncedhttps://tukohapa.com/1078-2/

According to the TSC the exercise will be mandatory and has already reached out four universities who will contracted by the teachers body to undertake training.  A teacher ought to train five times in his or her career. KNUT has clearly stated that TSC cannot implement the scheme without following due process that is all inclusive. The commission is set to roll out the programme in April this year.

Mr. Sossion said the union won’t allow the TSC to hurt teachers who are already dealing with numerous challenges. “The TSC has bad policies meant to punish teachers,” he said.

On the other hand, KUPPET is totally silent on serious matters affecting the welfare of teachers. The silence is worrying and more so such a moment when TSC is planning to harass tutors  by sh. 6,000 levy. Remember teachers were forced to have two medical insurance schemes and they are yet to recover.


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